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The Email Marketing Espresso Course
  • This online course is live on Udemy
The Cappuccino Call / When you need a quick fix
  • Fresh Copy Edits
  • Visual Evaluation
  • Email Marketing Review (+ tips for upping open rates)
  • Custom 4-Point Refresh Plan (delivered after the session)
a one hour shot
The Triple Shot / For A Website That Works For You
  • Target Market Research
  • Establish Brand Voice
  • Copywriting All Website Pages
  • SEO - Google Key Word Analysis + Site Fully Optimized For Search Engines
4 week timeline
The Espresso Program / I'll Be Your Brand Barista For 3 whole months
  • Develop Key Customer Profile
  • Customized Brand Voice + Visual Strategy
  • Copywriting (Everything!)
  • Full Website Development
  • Social Media Training - Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram
  • Customized Email marketing templates & campaign development
  • SEO game plan
  • Media Training
12 weeks

But you’re overwhelmed by all the TO-DOs of content creation.

Let’s refresh! We should definitely talk if . . .

  • The energy around your BRAND VOICE is totally flat.
  • Your WORDS (ie. copy) and IMAGES are not connecting the dots – the ones that lead to engagement and sales.
  • You don’t have a clue who your IDEAL CUSTOMER is – this is why #1 & #2 are a buzzkill.
  • It’s time to develop a CONSISTENT LOOK across all your social media profiles. Design & Align, baby!
  • You need help with a specific thing; HOME Page, ABOUT Page, SALES Pages, LANDING Pages for an online course, VIDEO Scripts.
  • You need to develop a LOGO and TAGLINE that expresses your core brand message.
  • You have no idea what a CONTENT CALENDAR is and what social media platforms to focus on.
  • Your EMAIL MARKETING campaigns are a nightmare …

Whether you’re struggling in one specific area, or all of the above, I am just an email away from brainstorming all the ways we can make your brand glow. Because #goals.

My experience has taken me across a range of industries and (virtually) around the world. From tech to travel to food to wellness, I have contributed my discerning eye to projects based in China, Costa Rica, New Zealand and NYC. Hustling across time zones has become a skill in itself!

Amanda says I’m a resourceful multitasker…

While at The Society Global, Sara worked with our team to develop, design and deliver various elements that were key to business growth. She not only drafted communications for premier events in Toronto, NYC and Miami, but she proved herself as a resourceful multitasker, who was able to creatively capture the voice of The Society Global and keep everyone on track and on-brand with time sensitive projects. Sara has my stamp of approval.

Amanda Blakley, Co-Founder, The Society Global

Catherine needed an email marketing expert…

Sara’s creative thinking, innovative idea generation, as it related digital communication, was fantastic. While we worked together on projects for the Toronto Eaton Centre, she was always looking for ways to increase open rates and engage our online community. Incredibly resourceful, and demonstrating an aptitude for solving problems with little assistance, Sara is very personable and professional. Above all, she has excellent writing skills and was always able to meet deadlines. Exceeding expectations at times. Sara is a pleasure to be around with a dynamic and approachable personality. 

Catherine Melchior, Strategic Business Advisor

Kelsey went from overwhelmed to on track…

Sara is like a brand therapist! With more than one business to run, having her on my team has been invaluable. She’s helped to fine tune my online voice, enhance my key brand messaging, and she coordinated a complete overhaul of my website. In doing all this, Sara has saved me countless hours. By carefully crafting all of my landing pages, she has proven to have a way with words and images that exudes a refined style… that I never need to second guess! Not only that, but she keeps my weekly email campaigns on track, and edits articles and blog posts with a turn-around that always amazes.

Kelsey Matheson, founder of The Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy and co-owner of Anamaya Resort

Social Action is my Jam!

Sara has held an instrumental role in the development of Artbound. Initially, she came on board as a committee member and concentrated on crafting creative web site content for our annual fundraiser – The pARTy. Her role quickly morphed into managing sponsor communications, as well as taking the lead on social media campaigns. By Year 2, she was co-chair of the event and appointed director of communications.

Dana Shalit, Executive Director, Artbound

At the end of the day, I want you to feel confident about your online aesthetic. From establishing a stand-out brand voice, to crafting web site copy and creating your unique stamp on social media, I have a way with words and I have your back.

That said, I only take on a limited amount of clients, and months are exclusively booked out for one client at a time going through the 8-week Espresso Program. This ensures you’ve got my full brain on your soon-to-be-fabulous brand.