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So pleased you’re here! Hope you enjoy this blog and find useful tips and actionable information throughout. There’s also my free mini-course to help you along with building a beautiful


Coffee Shop Talk

But first… Let’s talk goals. What are your big ones for the new year? If you’re into astrology, all reports are pointing to lucky Jupiter sending good vibes to Neptune


An Essential Tip for Epic Business Growth

What’s #1 if you’re serious about business growth?  It’s quite simple, really. There can be major potholes on the road to success, and when you hit them it’s time to


8 Ways To Bring The WOW To Your Home Page

You’ve gone through the anxiety of choosing a template for your WordPress or Squarespace website, and finally installed the damn thing on your domain (oh, the headaches). Now it’s time


Email Marketing for Bosses

I’ve been producing content for, and running, email marketing campaigns since 2010 and the game has definitely changed since I first started… I certainly haven’t always felt like a boss


Copywriting for Crowdfunding

So you’ve got a grand game-changing idea that will make the world a better place, and all you need is the money to make it happen? I’m going to share how I


Copywriting 101: Your About Page

Your About Page Is Not About You. When I launched my first blog, The Travel Presse, in 2010 the online landscape was completely different. I actually remember the difference between