Copywriting 101: Your About Page

Your About Page Is Not About You.

When I launched my first blog, The Travel Presse, in 2010 the online landscape was completely different. I actually remember the difference between a travel writer and the impossibly gorgeous girl next door. (Thanks Instagram.) Competition for pretty much everything today is fierce. As a result, how a website is set up in 2017 is vastly different. Attention must be paid to the second most-visited page on your .com – your About page.

In the “old” days, this was where I’d drop the details of my life and work history, peppered with a few accomplishments, and that was it.

Now, as I launch my fourth website,, my About page, in fact, is not even about me at all.

copywriting about page

Here’s why…

  • You must know your target customer or client as if they were your best friend. What do they want out of life? What do they struggle with? How do they want to be spoken to?
  • Speaking of the struggle, you have to be crystal clear on how you are going to help them with that. What exactly about your experience is proving that you can solve their big problem?
  • You might think the fact that you drink green juice and meditate twice a day (yes, it’s true I do) is important, and it might be if you sell green juice and yoga classes, but in business it is best to get to the point. Fast. Remember, people are skimmers so whatever you tell them better be something they care about.

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And here are 4 ways you can start writing an About page for your target market…

  1. Start with a hook. Something light that shows your personality. Possibly a question that you’ve got a funny answer for.
  2. Absolutely include client testimonials. The best ones you’ve got go on this page. I think three is a good number to have.
  3. Um, a picture would be nice… I have actually had to say this to people. Can’t believe the amount of About pages that don’t have a picture of the person. Make it happy. Make it classy.
  4. Lists are always a good way to break up information. See what I did here with my 12-point Background Check.

At the end of the day, I need my potential new client (and new best friend) to connect with me because they can relate to me. So whatever I can do to get them to know, like and trust me, is going to flow through my About page.

Next Step: Try writing yours and then re-reading it as if you were your perfect customer. Then ask yourself, Would I be interested in hiring this person?

If not, cut the “fat”! Details that don’t show off your skills – as they relate to the customer’s problems – can go.

This process requires a bit of ruthlessness and a strategic shift in perspective, but I believe having a more results-oriented approach to About pages is critical to online sales of both products and services.

Finally, as I’ve been working with a total bossbabe business coach in the last few months, and attended a writers’ workshop led by superstar Laura Belgray (of Talking Shrimp and The Copy Cure) last June, there’s been much eye-opening…

More to follow on brand development and communication topics!

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