What’s #1 if you’re serious about business growth? 

It’s quite simple, really. There can be major potholes on the road to success, and when you hit them it’s time to hire professionals to fill in those holes.

I’m not just talking about copywriters like myself. This goes for web designers, photographers, Facebook Ad experts, coaches, cleaners… therapists.

I started thinking about all this after noticing a post in one of the Facebook groups I belong to. One fellow fempreneur had asked, Do you write your own copy?

More than one commented that they were struggling along with writing their own because they were afraid that, if they hired someone to do the job, they’d lose their authentic voice.

I can tell you, from experience, a good copywriter or editor, will not let that happen. 

A good writer will share tips and tricks to make your every day copy better – improving flow and, ultimately, engagement with your target market.

With my new clients, we begin with an extensive questionnaire that allows me to get to know her quickly. Then we focus on profiling their ideal client/customer through another set of questions that I’ve designed. By the end of this process, we’ve successfully collaborated to craft a voice that is not only aligned with my client’s personality, but hard wired to attract their ideal client/customer/reader.

And I know that in the early days of entrepreneurship, it’s a lot about the budget. I absolutely get that.

In that case, GET CREATIVE. Perhaps you can trade services? You may be surprised what will come your way when you put the word out into the universe. If, for example, you are a wedding photographer, maybe there’s a copywriter out there (wink, wink) that you can barter with. Are you a life coach or business strategist? Trade hours of coaching for services like web design and SEO – so you pop up when potential new clients search online. While you will likely still have to pay out some fees, there can be significant savings. You can keep it local, or go global with resources like Collabosaurus and Simbi.


Another example: As important as it is for business growth, I’m really not into SEO. Like, really prefer not to get into that jazz at all. So I happened to meet an SEO expert and locked down a collaboration that not only gave Bash work from my current clients, but his services are now an amazing add-on to my Espresso Program.

Likewise, one of my clients has amassed an international team to grow her NYC-based business. A sales funnel pro in London; a product launch specialist in El Salvador; the SEO guy in Istanbul; and me, managing her brand aesthetic, online presence and communications from Italy. Sure, all of this costs cash money, but working with experts fast tracks my client’s goals, and saves her an incredible amount of time and aggravation. Figuring out ClickFunnels alone is a full-time job!

So, dear reader, if you are struggling, PLEASE DON’T. Consider hiring a pro for anything you’ve been DIY-ing for too long, that’s taking way too much time and precious energy to execute. Energy you could be putting into the things you actually love to do.

When done right, working with others is a win:win and an important turning point in any business. Trust me…when you hear people saying they’re having 5- or 6-figure months, they are absolutely not doing it alone.

If you’re looking for less struggle and more flow with your copywriting and brand communications, let’s book a chat and see which one of my Work With Me packages is right for you.

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