Email Marketing for Bosses

I’ve been producing content for, and running, email marketing campaigns since 2010 and the game has definitely changed since I first started… I certainly haven’t always felt like a boss about the whole thing. The learning curve has been steep, dear reader!

There are loads of resources out there that will tell you how important it is – that you MUST grow your email list if you are running an online business these days. And it’s true.

But apart from knowing how to set up a subscriber opt-in form, and the best times to send emails, how do you GROW that list? And then once you do that, WHAT do you say to these lovely people who have given you the holy privilege of letting you connect with them whenever it suites your fancy?

So let’s start with how to grow your email list.

#1 Gone are the days when you could say ‘sign up for my newsletter’ and expect that will be enough to motivate someone to drop their email address. Let’s face it, you are not Beyonce.

Step one involves creating something of value and offering that in exchange for email addresses. This requires some critical thinking about what exactly is going to appeal to the type of people you want to obtain emails from. If you sell children’s clothing, for example, perhaps you could create a short story and offer that as a free download. This would be fairly easy to do using a template from Canva. You could even create a fun infographic with some tips on how to shop for kids.


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#2 When you’ve got your freebie ready to roll, then next thing you want to do is set up an email marketing automation. Mailchimp offers this for free and it works great for small business.

What you want to do is set up your first email to welcome/thank the subscriber and give them their free download, or whatever it is you are offering.

The emails to follow, and there should be at least three more, will all have to (a) provide even more value, (b) show that you are the expert in whatever industry you’re in, and (c) finally present the reason to buy your package/product/service with a strong call-to-action (CTA).

Four steps to build your database for email marketing

#3 Now, what to say in these emails requires another critical thinking session. Trust me – take your time to carefully craft every paragraph and sentence that leads to a CTA. And don’t rush the subject lines of your email marketing campaigns! These 3- to 8-words (max) are critical to your success. You want people to open your emails, right? Subject lines must be motivational, inspirational and fantastical enough to standout in the glut of emails the average person receives every day. They must scream, OPEN THIS FOR A TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE.

Of course, this is quite grand on the spectrum of subject lines. At the least, the receiver has to know that whatever is inside is somehow going to make their day better/life easier.

#4 Next is your subscriber opt-in form, which has to sync with your email service provider and the database list where you want your email addresses to land. Mailchimp offers these and I use them like so.

They also offer pop-ups, which in the past have not been so great, but it seems the functionality has improved. If you’re not convinced, you can try out a service like Sumo, which has free and pay-for options.

Just for fun, subscribe and see how my sequence flows.


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