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But first… Let’s talk goals.

What are your big ones for the new year? If you’re into astrology, all reports are pointing to lucky Jupiter sending good vibes to Neptune … which means that 2018 will be A LOT more fun than the last two years we’ve had.

Are you ready?

Is your brand ready?

If not, or if you’re kinda-sorta there, please allow me to share 3 things that worked wonders for my goal-getting in 2017.

#1 Perspective is everything.  It’s easy to get down when there’s a million distractions taking us out of alignment with the present moment. We can lose our power and forget all that we have to offer in an instant… All it takes is one Instagram post to knock a girl off her white horse. The solution is simply to remember that social media IS NOT REAL LIFE. No one eats cake every day in a perfectly lit garden with rose petals magically falling from the sky. All those people flitting about in Bali still have to pay taxes, and more than likely are dealing with their own sh*tstorm in one way or another. So if you find yourself getting in a funk, STOP, drop, and write down a dozen things you are grateful for. Suggest using a sticky note and strategically placing that list on your computer, or anywhere you’ll see it often.

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#2 Now that you’re feeling grounded, let’s move on up to mindset. Truth: I only started seeing a real upward trajectory in my career when I truly believed that I had a lot of VALUE to bring to the table. Once I realized that the sum of my business experience offered a great deal to the new entrepreneur, I developed a new kind of confidence. This is a great time to take stock of all the benefits you’ve been stacking! What have been your biggest accomplishments over the last two-10 years? How can you package the results into services that you know people need RIGHT NOW?

#3 Once you’ve got the WHAT down, it’s all about the WHO (customers/clients you’ll serve) and HOW (a strategy to communicate your services). This is precisely when you should note that, despite what those Facebook ads say, there’s no magic ‘success’ pill for this process. Creating and communicating a brand takes time, focus and determination. The only way to ‘fast track’ is to work with someone who has done it successfully.
Perhaps there’s a copywriting course that caught your eye recently, or a business coach that’s offering the right type of training that you need to get on track.

I did it. I invested in a business coach and took a course with a superstar copywriter during summer ’17.  A time when I really did not have any money to throw at a situation, but I can tell you there are NO REGRETS.

Through the course, I got excited about writing again and learned how to write better sales copy. With the help of my coach, I was able to package my passion for building beautiful brands.
She helped me pull together the skills I began cultivating as editor-in-chief of Canada’s top teen magazine, and everything I’ve learned about online marketing (via working with a global roster of clients) in the last 8 years, to create programs that guide entrepreneurs through establishing their brand voice, visual content and communications strategy.

With a fresh perspective and upgraded strategies in place, I booked a new client into my premium program before my own coaching had even finished!

The main point is to figure out exactly where you need an UPGRADE and get to it. INVEST in yourself and everything will fall into place.

Wishing you very happy holidays and a brilliant 2018.

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