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At age 14 a girl in my class, responsible for drawing yearbook charicatures, sketched me as the editor of Vogue. Aside from being a talented artist, I think she was a bit of a clairvoyant. While I’ve yet to  make it onto that magazine’s masthead, I did manage to become editor-in-chief of Canada’s top teen magazine – Vervegirl. Not bad for a babe from the little island of Bermuda.

Since making the jump to a laptop lifestyle, I’ve worked with a Fortune 500 company, as well as many boutique businesses, to create content that clicks with their customers. From tech to travel to food and wellness, my specialties are brand development (think: voice + visuals) and communications (think: email marketing).

I came up through the worlds of fashion and magazine publishing, and have lived in both houses at certain points. Cutting my teeth by wearing the hats of production manager, writer, editor, designer, sales and marketing was challenging… There were countless photoshoots, interviews to coordinate, and bottom lines to manage. It was 24/7 and it was the best experience a bossbabe could ask for.

But you want to know more about the content creation I assume so I’ll tell you that, while at the magazine job, I was not only responsible for catchy headlines but produced advertorials for major brands like L’Oreal, Rimmel and Wal-Mart.

Since those days, I have created content for big shopping malls like Toronto Eaton Centre, and boutique businesses run by fabulous females. The latter includes Hollis Wilder, 3x Food Network Cupcake Wars champion and owner of Sweet By Holly, as well as Kelsey Matheson – personal coach and co-owner of world-renowned yoga retreat Anamaya in Costa Rica.

From travel to tech to food to wellness. From high-end cultural events and campaigns that raised $000s to build art schools in Africa and India… The one thing that links them all?

And now I’m here for YOU! Ready to write the copy, design content and brainstorm all the ways to make your brand shine online 

Through a series of fortunate events, I have travelled to, and lived in, a few places. After meeting a Tuscan in Toronto, then moving to Prague, and then to Uppsala, Sweden – I am now running my consultancy and communications business from Turin, Italy. It’s a beautiful city filled with angels and demons, and both white and black magic. For real. Google it!

brands built (4 of my own)
countries (lived in 5)
email campaigns
soy lattes (per year)

“Sara Graham is a delight to work with in the digital arena.  Her attention to detail and visual beauty are captivating and the way she writes is incredible. I’ve hired dozens of people in this industry and truly find Sara to be a diamond in the rough!”

– Author, CEO & Founder of AngelHillTV

My 12-point Background Check

1. I was born in Bermuda to Canadian parents, who now live in New Zealand.

2. At age four, I gave my brother an unauthorized haircut. Days later, I coached him on how much fun it was to play on the roof. He is still alive (also living in NZ). Also good for him that my copywriting skills are a lot sharper than those kitchen scissors.

3. Eventually learning to cut fabric, Sister Underwear (you were wondering about this off the top, I know it!) was a brand I created, designed and sold to boutiques in Canada and the US.

4. As editor-in-chief of Canada’s top teen magazine, I led a team that increased readership by 40k obsessed girls. I also put Nina Dobrev on her very first magazine cover. And, oh yes, this…

5. Unfortunately I was not paid in cupcakes after re-branding the web site for a 3x Food Network Cupcake Wars champion.

6. My favourite place on earth is…I have yet to decide, but my top 5 cities are NYC, Wellington, London, Toronto and Prague. Speaking of, I launched a travel blog in 2011 and have written for Flight Centre’s magazine, ELLE Canada, The Huffington Post, Notable.ca and LaineyGossip.com.

7. I never thought I would be a cat person, but we bought one and rescued the other, and now I want to adopt them all!

8. In 2016, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and self-published How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind (available worldwide for Amazon Kindle and iBooks)

9. On September 23, 2018, I dove into the mother of all collaborations and married my Italian in Tuscany. We currently live in Torino.

10. I absolutely hate time-wasters and slow service of any kind. Especially at restaurants where the ordering of wine is involved. The only thing I like slow is my yoga and I am actually certified to teach that.

11. Brand development has always been my jam and I created a program that takes what I have learned over 14 years (and several workshops – the latest with superstar copywriter Laura Belgray) and packs it into 6-8 week trainings. More about that here.

12. Obviously, I ♥️ a cool coffee shop.

I would love to know what your Top 12 are. If you would like to share your colourful past and your future plans then I would be happy to chat. Perhaps we can collabo and create something cool?