skip the struggle and second-guessing. my brand building programs will save you a serious amount of time... Get back to doing the things you love with an online presence that's as strong as a triple shot.

“Working with Sara was incredible! Her support, creativity and expertise made the process so productive and so fun. She really helped me get clear on every aspect of my brand and marketing – making sure it truly fit me. Sara’s insight expedited the work and set me up for success.”

-Beth Marhefka, Success Coach, California

“When I first landed on freshpresse.co I knew this was the place to be… Sara has managed to build my brand from all the bits and pieces of my vision – from my tag line, to my bio and sales pages – it all ties in beautifully.  It’s amazing how she can put images and words together that speak for themselves.  My company website had no content and Sara crafted each page with our voice and vision.  She’s a wealth of creativity!”

-Oneida Franco, Accountant & Entrepreneur, Franco Blueprint Inc., NYC

“Incredibly detail-oriented and proactive! What I also appreciated about working with Sara was her patience, and her ability to keep everyone on our team happy while delivering a fantastic end result.”

-Kelsey Matheson, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur & Success Coach, NYC

I see you over there. The oh-so-sassy and intelligent entrepreneur, who feels anything but when she sits down to write. You’re even at your favourite cafe, the one where the barista knows your name and your exact order, so why the f*#k aren’t the words flowing?!

I know why. Because you’ve got a million other things to do with that bossbabe brain of yours. You’re excited to get your business goals off the ground, but finding the right words is one task that’s weighing you down.

You need someone to organize all those wild and wonderful thoughts of yours. Well, if a professional editor invited you to her table to do exactly that, would you go?

That’s what I am doing. Right now. I’ll take all the second-guessing off your plate, so you can skip the struggle and create space and time to really enjoy that gorgeous gluten-free muffin.

Here's the problem (and your solution) ...

You know your product/service is brilliant and you need to communicate that to the right audience, on the right platforms, with engaging images and words that convert otherwise ho-hum humans into raving FANS.

I support creative, multi-passionate entrepreneurs in building a strong foundation for their businesses by #1 establishing their brand VOICE and #2 amplifying their message through high quality CONTENT that looks amazing and flows consistently across all platforms.

At a loss for words and struggling with strategy?

It all starts with understanding exactly WHO your perfect customer or client is, and then making sure everything – from your website’s Home/About/Sales pages to social media to email marketing – is focused on making their day SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Let’s start by making sure you win the day with a solid strategy that allows you more time to do what you LOVE.

You don’t have time for drip.

From a 1-hour session to a 12-week program, I’ve packed everything I have learned over the last 16 years into four packages that cover all the brand building bases. These are no-foam approaches to developing your unique voice that flows throughout a solid communications strategy.


danielle laporte

The Free Shot

Refresh your online presence in a flash with this FREE TRAINING that outlines ways to uplevel your brand voice, website content & email marketing. Download, watch the videos, read the emails, and start implementing my tips today!

The Espresso Program

The 12-week Espresso Program packs everything I’ve learned over the last 16 years and offers entrepreneurs full support through developing their brand’s online presence. Currently taking 2019 applications!


My experience in magazine editorial, then creating content for a Fortune 500 company and many boutique businesses, means you get a discerning editorial brain on your brand…


The devil is in the deadline and you can rest assured I’ll keep all those To-Dos on track and we’ll work to optimize your schedule (no matter the time zone)…


You’ve got a pro at the (virtual) table with you. I’m as obsessed about making my clients feel supported in their business as I am about good coffee and clean laundry. Like, full-on OCD style.

Ahhh… one of my favourite words. Get clear on WHO your ideal customer or client is, then craft your BRAND VOICE and VISUAL IDENTITY so that it appeals directly to that persona. That’s the law of ATTRACTION, baby!